Friday, April 1, 2011

No buying of charts for one whole month ....

Hi, my name is Helene and I have a HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) addiction and I have become a Serial Starter. I started this blog with a plan to get a few of my WIPs completed. But all that is happened is I have become enthralled by these beautiful designs and all I want to do is start a new one. I need to get a grip on myself otherwise I will have so many projects that have one page completed and no way of getting any of them completed.

I really do think that these designs deserve to be completed and I need to make a conscious effort to do so. Otherwise, what good are all these started projects going to be! I've decided that I have to be vigilant about not buying anymore charts for the next month. I know that doesn't seem long, but it is in my world. Especially with new charts coming out almost daily. So that's NO BUYING NEW HAED CHARTS until May 1, 2011 and then I can decide then if I am able to continue for another month.

I will keep you all informed of how I am doing, so instead of reaching for my wallet I will be threading my needle and getting stuck into my goals that I have set myself for this year. Fingers crossed I can do this, any support that anyone cares to offer will be gratefully accepted and appreciated.

Until next time, happy stitching


  1. To be truthful I don't need to buy another chart, linen or thread ever again so I can sympathise! Not a fan of HAED but can see how you might have a problem, lol! Good luck, only another 29 days to go!

  2. You've made a brave decision. As a serial buyer myself, I do understand your feelings. Maybe a little trick: when I think i'm too much tempted, I go through my stash and take a look at all the great charts and kits waiting for me; sometimes, it cures me for a while. Sometimes, only! You have my whole support, Helen.

  3. Good luck with your one month HAED fast - although I did wonder if it could be an April Fool :-)

  4. Oh MY! I have the same problem! I feel like someone needs to change the password on my HAED account because I keep buying but not finishing! You have my full support, and I am joining you in the quest. Except for me I can't buy any more charts at all. I will now rely on the HAED reward program for my future charts. *GULP*