Monday, August 23, 2010

I finished something ....

Well nearly, Polar Bear Fun was in rotation last week and I have completed page 1, so that is one small tick for my half year challenge. I ended up working on this longer than my usual weekly routine because I was so close to finishing the page. So I had to keep going until I did and I am really glad that I did.
Now, that I have completed my first page, I can add another project to my rotation, so I am currently gridding my fabric in preparation to begin QS Dragon Luck. I think I will have to set a goal to make my first stitches once I have completed my challenge for Poppy Night Adventure or Masquerade SK, whichever comes first. That way I am making progress with my challenge, seems fair.

Until next time, happy stitching

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy fingers ....

I have been a busy little bee recently and forgot to post my latest updates so I am behind, but I will try to get you all caught up with what is happening, a couple of weeks ago was Storykeep Stitch a Long week with the HAED BB. I am happy with the progress that I made over that week, I had planned to complete the cats eye, but that just wasn't to be. I had other things to do.

While stitching away I have been thinking about what to make for my nephews new baby. The baby shower is sometime in September, OMG that's NEXT month, so I thought about making a sock monkey but DH found this wonderful rabbit pattern at the store the last time I was buying thread, so it could be just the right thing.

I managed to get all the pieces knitted and all that I had left to do was the stuffing and putting together. It was going together really easily, I was surprised, I was really excited because it was completed, and then it happened. I said to DH "I couldn't get the nose right", he looked at me and then he said "The head is upside down. It looks more like a dog, than a rabbit." I wanted to cry. I thought its okay, I won't call it rabbit, I'll call it something else, its for a baby.

But it just annoyed me. So I ended up performing very careful "surgery" to correct the problem and this is what I ended up with. Now I am full steam ahead on a shawl. I will post pictures next time when I have a bit more completed on that. Still early days yet.

Until next time, happy stitching

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I want, I want ....

Recently I have been asked about the cross stitch patterns that I have been working on. Due to copyright it would be wrong of me to forward a copy on to anyone, so I am sorry. But you are able to purchase these patterns from the designers at Heaven and Earth Designs. They have a tremendous amount of patterns to choose from, are really wonderful to deal with and the options that you have available to you when purchasing are really great.

On to other things. I would like to say "Welcome" to all my new followers, now that I have you I must remember to post regularly so that you continue to visit, so here is my latest update on Poppy Night Adventure.

I do think I am "over it" at the moment though, I have managed to complete half of page 1, so that puts me in a good place on that one. Don't get me wrong it still inspires me to carry on with it, but it sure isn't screaming at me any more. So its time for a change, this week is Storykeep Stitch a Long week on the HAED BB so its time to change up and try and get at least half of that first page completed and out of the way. Besides I have to get on to Dragon Luck, I'm almost bursting at the seems to do this one because its for a very special someone, but I will elaborate at a later date. I don't want to jinx it now.

Until next time, happy stitching

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting the hang of it ....

I'm working on Poppy Night Adventure again this week, each and every one of these designs seems to take hold once you begin stitching. The problem is you never want to put them down again. I am considering what a few other people "like" to do and that is a "screaming rotation", which means you work on a project for as long as you like until another one screams at you. The problem with that is, I have set challenges for myself and I really would like to accomplish these. Anyway for the moment PNA is "screaming" at me, so maybe I will carry on with this until I have completed my full page challenge. Could be a good idea!!! Who would have thought?

Until next time, happy stitching