Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy fingers ....

I have been a busy little bee recently and forgot to post my latest updates so I am behind, but I will try to get you all caught up with what is happening, a couple of weeks ago was Storykeep Stitch a Long week with the HAED BB. I am happy with the progress that I made over that week, I had planned to complete the cats eye, but that just wasn't to be. I had other things to do.

While stitching away I have been thinking about what to make for my nephews new baby. The baby shower is sometime in September, OMG that's NEXT month, so I thought about making a sock monkey but DH found this wonderful rabbit pattern at the store the last time I was buying thread, so it could be just the right thing.

I managed to get all the pieces knitted and all that I had left to do was the stuffing and putting together. It was going together really easily, I was surprised, I was really excited because it was completed, and then it happened. I said to DH "I couldn't get the nose right", he looked at me and then he said "The head is upside down. It looks more like a dog, than a rabbit." I wanted to cry. I thought its okay, I won't call it rabbit, I'll call it something else, its for a baby.

But it just annoyed me. So I ended up performing very careful "surgery" to correct the problem and this is what I ended up with. Now I am full steam ahead on a shawl. I will post pictures next time when I have a bit more completed on that. Still early days yet.

Until next time, happy stitching

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