Sunday, July 24, 2011

Curling up to keep warm ....

It's winter here in New Zealand and all I have wanted to do is curl up in front of the fire. But, alas that was not to be. I did get a fair bit of stitching in though. I have made progress on page 1 of QS Curl up with a good book, just looking at this little guy warms the soul. Maybe I will get page 1 completed in my August rotation.

I have added a few more stitches to my little fairy "Roses Friend", but as it is all background I decided that I would wait until the page was finished before adding another update photo and Masquerade SK finally has her face completed, I will take a picture of the whole project when I take it off the QSnaps. This project has become my nemesis, it is just sitting there constantly taunting me, but I figure that any stitches that I can get completed on this are a bonus. I hope to get back with another update over the next week so here's hoping.

Until next time, happy stitching

Friday, July 1, 2011

Time for a catch up ....

This is what I managed to accomplish all the way back in May!!! I couldn't believe how much I had done until I sat down to write this post.
  1. Eldar - 400 stitches done
  2. Storykeep Masquerade - 400 stitches done
  3. QS Curl Up with a Good Book - 400 stitches done
  4. Polar Bear Fun - 400 stitches done
  5. Roses Friend - 400 stitches done
  6. QS Dragon Luck - 400 stitches 250 stitches
June was a complete washout, and now we have reached July. This month I plan to work 600 stitches on all my current projects and I also have a new start because I couldn't help myself. I joined the 2011 SK SaL on the HAED BB, (what was I thinking!!!).

Here she is in all her glory. This is Ice Wind by Linda Tso. So, I have gridded up my fabric and I just need to get a couple of extra threads. I have decided to work this one on 22ct Hardanger, mainly because that is what I had in my stash, and I haven't actually cross stitched a piece on Hardanger before. I am looking forward to how this will work up.

I won't be able to make an actual start on this though until later in the month, but first up in my rotation this month is QS Curl up with a good book, so I should have some progress to show you next update.
    Until next time, happy stitching