2013 Stitching Goals

    Project List:
    Here is my list of projects that I would like to make progress on throughout 2013
    (I will be updating this during the year with additions or changes etc)

    Complete last 3 pages on QS Curl up with a good book by Randal Spangler
    (Complete 0/3 pages - 3/6 pages already completed)
    Complete 2 pages on QS Teddy Bear Tree by Dona Gelsinger
    (Complete 0/2 pages - 0/4 pages already completed)
    Complete 3 pages on QS Crabby Crush by Hannah Lynn
    (Complete 1/3 pages - 1/9 pages already completed)
    Complete 4 pages on Eldar by Randal Spangler
    (Complete 0/4 pages - 2/12 pages already completed)
     Complete 2 pages on QS Heather by Hannah Lynn
    (Complete 0/2 - 0/4 pages completed)


    1. I LOVE your stitching! Such beautiful projects and gorgeous work. Tell me how do you put the copywrite symbol on the images after posting. Curious as am starting a blog and want to protect the artists. Any help greatly appreciated.

      1. Thanks for the lovely comments about my current projects. I used to use Picnik - a free online based photo editing site but Google is closing this from the 19 April, so I am currently looking for another way to edit my photos. I have used the photo editor in Photobucket but quite sold on it yet.