Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So much progress...

I received my usual block of the month packages yesterday and when I opened the second one I discovered another package and I immediately thought "oh my gosh, I have received someone
else's mail out", so I thought, I better get in touch with the quilt shop. Anyway, I thought, as you do, maybe I will just have a look to see what this package is about, maybe the recipients details are enclosed and I will just forward it. Well, to my surprise I discovered that I was the lucky recipient, I just hadn't remembered requesting it. So, I am going to make myself a Baltimore Album quilt and this is the first block. I am going to put this at the top of my list for projects to complete next month. I cannot put this one off.

Well as you know I completed the applique portion of my Angel block 2, and now I have completed all the stitchery.

So it is time to move on to the next project that I had planned to have completed this month. This is how it looks now...

I have actually done quite a bit of stitchery on it in the last few days but I forgot to take a photo before I began stitching and I only just remembered to take a photo today of how it looks now. So this is the last, oops hold on, I will need to check that (famous last words and all, you know) project that I have on my list to finish this month.

Oh dear! I've just realised how dark this photo is, but its too late know, I've finished "Mollie Jayne" and I am working on the floral borders now. So by the end of the week this one should be a finish.

I have been considering changing my profile photo and so I keep looking around the house to see what I would like to put in place of my photo. I have a couple of things in mind... maybe I will just take the pictures and be creative and see what I get.

Until next time, happy stitching

Monday, August 17, 2009

Finished all the applique...

I have finished all the hand applique on my Angel block 2 now all that is left to do is to finish her face and complete all the stitchery and add the small pieced block section. That's all, really?

This is how it looks now. I will show you the completed block at a later date hopefully sometime this month.

But I have just realised that this month is quickly coming to an end and between all my quilting and stitchery deadlines that I have set myself I have three birthdays to celebrate. Life is an ever changing canvas. How do we do it?

I also had a delivery from the postman, he dropped off another block for the QuiltAid project, so now I am only waiting on one block and I will have the full set. The box is beginning to overflow, it really looks like it needs for me to work my magic on it and make at least one block, so that everything will fit nicely. It was very difficult to just put the block kit into the box, shut the lid and walk away. Helen is such a giving person, even with all that she has to do, she has the Stitchers Angel Swap 2009 project on the go also, it is too late to enrol for the swap but you able to follow along and do the projects that are available, so click on the link and take part. You have nothing to lose and who knows maybe next year you will be able to take part.

Until next time, happy stitching

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Women can be so fickle...

Everybody in our house seems to be sick at the moment so we are all barely functioning. It can be great if you need to do something, but sometimes even the easiest quilting task can seem like it is a mountain. But I did curl up under my daughters quilt with every intention of doing something on it, I mean, I marked the area I was going to be working on, got my thimbles and thread all in there positions, I even put the quilt into the hoop and then I just stopped. My boys just looked at me with cheeky grins on their faces.

Until next time, happy stitching

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Deliveries and angels...

I have been busy working on block 2 of my Angel quilt and was quite surprised when I noticed that I had just about completed most of the applique and I will then begin to mark the block for stitchery.

During the week I had a special delivery from the courier, it was my finishing kit for the QuiltAid project, I am only waiting on two more blocks and then I will have the complete kit just ready and waiting.

But I can't think of that, I have made a plan to follow my "To do List" and for this month the QuiltAid project is not on it.

Until next time, happy stitching

Friday, August 7, 2009

To do or not to do...

I have found a temporary solution for my problem with regards to what should I do. I decided to make a list in the front of my stitching journal for this month. I currently have five things on this list and that is how long I am going to leave it.

So far I have started two of the projects that are on the list and I'm well on the way to having one of those completed.

This is the second block of my Angel quilt, I have had trouble with this block because there wasn't enough fabric supplied in the kit for the angels dress and apron, so I had to make substitutions. I liked the colours but the placement was really gnoring away at me. So I swapped the two colours over and I am now okay with how they look so its full steam ahead again.

I hand-quilted one block on my daughters quilt this morning, so we have progress there. I need to figure out how to put a gadget in my sidebar showing progress on this.

I visited the Bunny Tales site today to pick up block 8 of the free A tisket, a tasket BOM project that Anne is running and the sneak peeks that she has given us for the two finished quilts look absolutely stunning. Go and take a look and you just might think so too.

Until next time, happy stitching

Monday, August 3, 2009

Where do you start?

I spent most of the evening going cross-eyed catching up on blogs that I really like but that of course put an end to me doing other things.

The scene was set, the three men in my life were glued to the goggle-box watching XMen3, so I could do pretty much whatever I wanted because when you've seen it that often, you really don't need to look at the pictures. So once I had checked the youngest little man (who has a bad cold coming on), and made sure he had had his medicine, I got stuck into blogging myself.

But the current or next project is always calling. There are so many, how do you decide which one is more important when you have so many to work on? I know what most men would say "Just find one and finish that first!" But I am not that kind of person, I always see the joy in the next project and that immediately takes over, I become possessed by it, and I find it difficult to focus on the current project. How do you overcome this problem? With chocolate and a really good book well I hope it is.

Until next time, happy stitching

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stitching and pondering

I have managed to meet my deadline that I set about completing my second block for Aunt Millies Flower Garden.

I really wasn't sure about the colour combination but now that I have the two blocks that are completed they remind me of the plan that I had in the first place. This quilt is going to have a country taste about it with the only fabric that is used in all the blocks is small touches of a deep red.

Since I completed this I have read through a few magazines getting ideas for quilts and found a few patterns that I really must have liked at one stage because I had the "yellow post-it" marker there and find that I still really like them.

But I am having trouble controlling the urge to buy fabric and begin a blue and white quilted diamonds project, or maybe a black and red, or black, red and gold, red and white could be striking. The mind is fast getting ahead of me again, I better put the brakes on and focus on hand-quilting my daughters quilt. We are about to start work on renovating our house so this project could be my only slice of sanity amongst all the chaos. Otherwise I will be hitting the kitchen and besides, quilting is better for the waistline.

Until next time, happy stitching