Friday, August 7, 2009

To do or not to do...

I have found a temporary solution for my problem with regards to what should I do. I decided to make a list in the front of my stitching journal for this month. I currently have five things on this list and that is how long I am going to leave it.

So far I have started two of the projects that are on the list and I'm well on the way to having one of those completed.

This is the second block of my Angel quilt, I have had trouble with this block because there wasn't enough fabric supplied in the kit for the angels dress and apron, so I had to make substitutions. I liked the colours but the placement was really gnoring away at me. So I swapped the two colours over and I am now okay with how they look so its full steam ahead again.

I hand-quilted one block on my daughters quilt this morning, so we have progress there. I need to figure out how to put a gadget in my sidebar showing progress on this.

I visited the Bunny Tales site today to pick up block 8 of the free A tisket, a tasket BOM project that Anne is running and the sneak peeks that she has given us for the two finished quilts look absolutely stunning. Go and take a look and you just might think so too.

Until next time, happy stitching

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