Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making progress

QSCU - 007 I really have missed not having a set schedule for stitching. I really didn’t think rotations could be that necessary but it is comforting to have structure back. I haven’t posted anything in a while for the 2011 QS Stitch-A-Long. I really love this piece, so I have a progress picture for October and here is another for my November rotation.

I was really excited about completing the first page, but once I got started again on page 2, I couldn’t believe how much I QSCU - 008 really had missed working on this. The last time it had been in my rotation was way back in July. Goodness!!! I really did need a kick in the pants to get on with it.

I think I was a bit put off at first because the decanter had so much confetti in it, and then I had to restart on 18ct because 28ct was doing my head in for this project.

Just to make my life even more exciting, I added another project to my ever growing pile of WiP's. I will post a photo of my progress on this next time. Oh and I thought I would make a couple of changes to my blog title. As it is Spring here in New Zealand I thought that is was time for a freshen up.

Until next time, happy stitching

Friday, November 4, 2011

Rotations could be a good thing…

My stitching has suffered a lot recently, because I haven’t had the time or the willpower to get on with it. This has mostly come about because of personal stuff, but because of that I have not had the strength to step away from it and do something for myself. But it is now time to get on with it.
We are in a new month and it’s time to get back into the swing of it. I dug out “Roses Friend” by Molly Harrison for Heaven and Earth designs. This is a good place to start because I am working on the background, so lots of blocks of color. I didn’t manage to finish the 1600 stitches that I would have liked, but I was pretty close.

I like to divide the full pattern page into 4. That way I only concentrate on a small area at a time. So far I have completed half of page 1 and almost 1/4 of page 7. I am planning on working left to right in half page sections. It seems that with this particular piece I have decided that I would prefer to cross country stitch, but things might change once I get to the central design.

This Saturday I plan on changing to my next project which is the 2011 QS Stitch-A-Long “QS Curl up with a good book”. I really love this piece, my children got me that full size pattern for Christmas last year and I know that I will probably not get around to stitching it, but this way I can make a smaller version.

Until next time, happy stitching