Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stitching and pondering

I have managed to meet my deadline that I set about completing my second block for Aunt Millies Flower Garden.

I really wasn't sure about the colour combination but now that I have the two blocks that are completed they remind me of the plan that I had in the first place. This quilt is going to have a country taste about it with the only fabric that is used in all the blocks is small touches of a deep red.

Since I completed this I have read through a few magazines getting ideas for quilts and found a few patterns that I really must have liked at one stage because I had the "yellow post-it" marker there and find that I still really like them.

But I am having trouble controlling the urge to buy fabric and begin a blue and white quilted diamonds project, or maybe a black and red, or black, red and gold, red and white could be striking. The mind is fast getting ahead of me again, I better put the brakes on and focus on hand-quilting my daughters quilt. We are about to start work on renovating our house so this project could be my only slice of sanity amongst all the chaos. Otherwise I will be hitting the kitchen and besides, quilting is better for the waistline.

Until next time, happy stitching

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