Monday, August 17, 2009

Finished all the applique...

I have finished all the hand applique on my Angel block 2 now all that is left to do is to finish her face and complete all the stitchery and add the small pieced block section. That's all, really?

This is how it looks now. I will show you the completed block at a later date hopefully sometime this month.

But I have just realised that this month is quickly coming to an end and between all my quilting and stitchery deadlines that I have set myself I have three birthdays to celebrate. Life is an ever changing canvas. How do we do it?

I also had a delivery from the postman, he dropped off another block for the QuiltAid project, so now I am only waiting on one block and I will have the full set. The box is beginning to overflow, it really looks like it needs for me to work my magic on it and make at least one block, so that everything will fit nicely. It was very difficult to just put the block kit into the box, shut the lid and walk away. Helen is such a giving person, even with all that she has to do, she has the Stitchers Angel Swap 2009 project on the go also, it is too late to enrol for the swap but you able to follow along and do the projects that are available, so click on the link and take part. You have nothing to lose and who knows maybe next year you will be able to take part.

Until next time, happy stitching

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