Sunday, April 3, 2011

A few technical difficulties, but onward we go ....

Blogger seems to have decided that I am not allowed to post the normal way so I am trying something else and reverting back to the old editor. Weird though, because I am able to post from my laptop, but not able to, from my desktop.

My previous post was definitely not an April fools day joke, but I am beginning to feel a bit of a fool for making the decision. But here we are at day 3 and so far so good. Mind you it has been difficult especially when HAED are having a 25% off sale until April 17. I will not look, I will not look ...

Anyway, on to much better things like stitching and progress made. March was not the most productive month. But, every stitch counts right? I managed to do work a "little" on QS Curl Up. See what I meant about "little". Never mind.

I also got almost 1/4 of a page completed on Eldar. I was really enjoying this and then I got a migraine and it has managed to knock me around a bit, so I haven't been wanting to do too much "thinking", but I hope to get back to it soon.

Oh! I almost forgot, here is an update of SK Masquerade. I completed a 1/4 of page 2.

Until next time, happy stitching


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  2. Good luck on the not buying, I've got my eye on a couple of charts (well, there's over 100 on my wish list, but a couple in particular) in the sale at the moment, and it's just torture!

  3. Nice progress on both projects :) I had a busy month as well and was not able to stitch as much as I loved to, but as long as we still stitch at all... :)
    About the Head-Sale... You're not alone :) I justs tarted a Head and would love to start another one, but I will not untill I finished one of my WIP :) So I will resist and not buy any charts :) You are not the only one who's fighting :D

  4. your progress looks great, so neat and beautiful. Good luck with your challenge!

  5. Thank you for the lovely comments and the NO BUY thing is a bit hard to stick at. So to keep my mind off the sale, I am trying to get a bit more stitching in.