Friday, March 19, 2010

Tiptoe through the tulips...

Okay, not exactly tulips but a wonderful garden. My husband decided that he was going to take me out for the day. He said it would be nice for us to just get out and about and see what is out in the great big world. I'm not knocking it in any way. I feel very privileged, that he cares enough to want to go on an adventure with me. So we went to the Wintergarden's in the grounds of the Auckland Domain.

I had actually never been there, I had been into all the other hideaways in the Domain, but never this one. It was absolutely stunning, they are basically two giant greenhouses, filled with amazing plant specimens. This is a really popular place for wedding photos, I even recommended this to my brother in law when he got married, sight unseen. His wedding photos were absolutely beautiful, and now that I have been there... well. I took lots and lots of photos. So every now and then you may see different ones turn up for added eye candy during my ramblings.

After we finished in the Wintergardens we explored an area called the Fernery. This was beautiful. It was like being in the New Zealand bush, it was really hard to believe that we were actually in the middle of the Auckland CBD. It was so peaceful, and serene.

When our garden exploring was over we went out into the main gardens of the Auckland Domain, the old trees, and well manicured gardens were so lush, you would be hard pressed to believe that it is supposed to be Autumn. The only hint that we have of that, is that it is cooler during the night. Need more blankets!!! I have so many pictures to show you. This is definitely going to have to be spread out over a few posts.

I've been so excited about all my extra curricular activities, that I forgot to mention that this has created a creative spark and I have managed to get so much applique done on block 1 of my new project, it is almost finished. I've discovered that I don't have the fabric for a particular part, so I will improvise, but probably after I have done block 2. I feel that once I have done that block I will have a feel for the look of the quilt as a whole and will be able to substitute from my stash much easier.

Until next time, happy stitching

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