Sunday, September 27, 2009

The end is nigh...

The end of the month is coming up fast, REAL fast, and my monthly to do list is 50% completed and still have so many things to do.

I am thinking that I won't beat myself up about not doing the whole list, but I will make an honest attempt to do as much of it as I can, and whatever is left over can be put to the top of next months list.

I was catching up on Google Reader with the blogs that I follow and realised that I had forgotten to pick up this weeks pattern for Stitchers Angel 2009 because of our spontaneous weekend away, and WOW!! I really like this pattern. I think this could be such a handy gift for christmas, and I think I know exactly the right person that it would suit, (mothers-in-law, can be so hard to shop for).

I have completed block 2 of my Angel BOM. I ended up doing the pieced blocks by hand, because I always need to have some sort of hand piecing project on the go. These are so good when you are relaxing after dinner and your not really interested in what is happening with the television.

I dug out my cross stitch project bag during the week and discovered that somewhere during our house moving my folder that housed my pattern for "Miss Hathaways Garden" got separated from the rest of the bag. So I spent two days searching in all the places I thought it could be, and decided that I would give up for the moment because it is probably tucked away in one the many boxes that are still packed. So I have had to put that project aside for the time being and will hopefully make some progress on "Purr-fect Patterns" by Paula Vaughan. I am half way through this stitchery.

I still have some photos from our trip last weekend and here is a picture of one of the cubby holes in one of my storage units. I was playing with the macro on my camera. I figure that if I don't play with it how am I going to get any better at taking pictures.

Until next time, happy stitching

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