Sunday, February 19, 2012

February's prezzies ....

 For February via "The Best Anniversary Present Ever" (thanks to my wonderful family) I decided to choose one of Spanglers Houses that Michelle charted as Storykeeps recently, because I know that I won't really want to work on or have the full size chart and another design from Karen Middleton. I could not believe how many of her charts I have. I obviously love her style of watercolours. So I picked "SK Home is Where the Heart is", by Randal Spangler and "Rapunzal" by Karen Middleton.

QS Curl Up came up again in my rotation and it was great to finally start working on the candle. I was so excited about that (doesn't take much does it), because I am that much closer to finishing page 2 and another one page finish to add to my WiPocalypse tally.

I also found out what all the "hub-bub" about "SuperBowl" and stitching is. As we are not big American Football fans in New Zealand, I didn't understand it. Until, my sons decided to watch this years SuperBowl and YES! YES! I was able to sit and stitch for 4 hours. That was a highlight this month for sure.

Until next time, happy stitching


  1. I am loveing your choices Helene and I have to say your Eldar is looking great


  2. I love Randal Spangler so much! Such magical pieces. And yes, the super bowl is one of the best stitching opportunities.