Thursday, February 23, 2012

Celebrations ....

 I have finished my QS Curl Up rotation and I have completed the bottom half of page 2. So next up in my rotation is Masquerade SK. The excitement is building with this one because I will have two more rotations of this project and it will be completed. My very first HAED finish. You've gotta love that.
 We have had 5 birthdays in 8 days, lots and lots of food and cake. Big birthday hugs to my Mum, DD, DD's partner, my nephew and my niece, and to top that all off our grandson has just started to walk, another wonderful milestone, and he is only 11 months old, so that will be another birthday next month. Woohoo!

 Until next time, happy stitching


  1. Grats on the progress, Helene. And pre grats on your finish, lol. Glad you are celebrating the birthdays, and not worrying about the money to buy them all a gift!!

  2. Your progress is wodnerful =)
    Huh, that's a lot of celebrating in such a short time =) This always happens to me from the end of January to the middle of February! Me, my Sister, my boyfriend, my mum and a bunch of friends! We get trouble with celebrating all that because erveryone wants to celebrate at the weekend ;-)

  3. Great progress and I can't wait to see more.