Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Double the joy ....

Thats right! I was so excited about my surprise from my last post that I managed to complete my rotation on two projects over the last week. Well I never!!!

I could not believe it this morning when I was contemplating what to write about and there they both were staring me in the face. First up, we have a quarter page finish on Masquerade SK. That means I have only 3/4 of page3 to go and will have completely finished this project. The excitement is building around this project because it will be very first HAED finish and it was the second project that I ever started by HAED.

My next project that I made progress on was Eldar. I have completed page 7, but I have really completed 2 pages of the chart. This means that I have made progress on my 2012 WIPocalypse project list.

Oh and, I haven't decided yet which charts I would like to choose for this month for my present from my family but when I do I will let you all know what I come up with.

Until next time, happy stitching