Thursday, November 26, 2009

A recent return to ...

I have been working on this recently, and I have so enjoyed it. I was right, cross stitch definitely goes along a lot quicker and is so much more user friendly. This is my progress so far.

But in the mean time I have also been working on a commission quilt for a special somebody, so I make put a few pictures on here, just to document the progress, and I also dug out Miss Hathaways Garden from Marty Bell published by Pegasus Originals. I began this project about five years ago, I have always been passionate about it but with all our shifting house, it was put away in a box and I really had forgotten about it until two months ago, when I found the project. That is when the hunt began for the rest of the project.  Four weeks later, I had stitchery, floss, hoop etc, but the pattern had somehow got separated. My next mission was to find the pattern, no luck here, so I decided that it was a necessity to buy a new one. Lucky for me after many a long day and night searching I finally located a retailer. I have all the necessary requirements and I am going to add this to my rotation.

Until next time, happy stitching

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