Monday, May 7, 2012

Thanks ....

Thank you all for the very kind wishes for my grandson. They are all very appreciated at this time in our lives. He is growing well and looks healthy despite having breathing difficulty.

On to other things in life, I completed my second assignment for one of my papers and now I can spend time focusing on the other paper. I should have three quarters of the final page on Storykeep Masquerade completed by the time I get around to posting this update, which means I will have a photo op - YAY!! I did finish the 3rd quarter of page 3. Now I would like to get it finished hopefully during this month. Full steam ahead!

Until next time, happy stitching


  1. well done! stitching looks good.

  2. Lovely Helene. It's wonderful that you have a finish coming up. I sure wish I did, lol. All of my projects are not near finished though. I just started several of them. (I started four SALs on April first, so not even close to a page finish, lol.) Hope you're doing well!! And I hope your papers get wonderful grades!! And I'm sorry your grandson has SOB problems. I do too, asthma. I hope he's doing better now.