Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Still no joy ....

Well, I haven't had any joy in the allergy department, but the medications that I have been taking are helping a lot and my cough is sooooo much better. Yipee!!! Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts for my recovery they have been much appreciated.

Now on to fun things, I have completed some more on Dragon Luck. I am full steam ahead on this and I am thinking that I really would like to finish this by Christmas of this year (thought that it might be a good idea to say a year, that way it has a finish date. Hehe). He is going to be a present for a special little someone.

When I reach the half way point with this project, I am going to treat myself and add another HAED into my rotation, (I think you can only call it a rotation, if you actually "rotate" your projects - oh well), my daughter and I have been considering two projects - either "Train of Dreams" or "Eldar" by Randal Spangler, I so looove his dragons. Any input you can offer would be appreciated, I do realise that I will probably have to do both charts eventually.

I have to invest in another set of Q'Snaps because I can't bring myself to remove the set that I already have on Dragon Luck, so that I am able to work on my Masquerade Storykeep, I still have my half year goals to achieve and I am feeling the pressure. I was hoping to give my storykeep as a gift to my Mum for Christmas, now I'm convinced that a visit to my favourite ONS is required.

Until next time, happy stitching


  1. I'm currently stitching Train of Dreams as are a lot of other people on the HAED BB. It would be nice to see someone stitching Eldar as I love this one as well.

  2. Looks great. I love dragons someday I will get all my stuff done